Juice & Healthy Choices


I have been using my fancy new juicer for 2 weeks now.  This morning, I actually started to notice positive changes in my skin.  The appearance is bright and healthy.

Since our skin is the last place to receive nutrients I can only imagine how it’s affected me on the inside.  Thank God!

I’m finding that one healthy choice leads to another.  And it feels great!

Some of my favorite juice recipes are below:

  • Banana, strawberry, blackberry – sometimes I will add chia or flax seed as well
  • Kale, apple, banana, blackberry, blueberry, mango
  • Avocado, kale, strawberry, almond and aloe juice – I’ve made this for dinner or lunch for a boost of protein

With the NutriBullet, all you do is add the fruit and/or veggies, then you fill with water to the “max” line.  Some juices will be thicker than others depending on the ingredients.  Not all juice recipes will have the most appetizing appearance, but worth it if you can ignore the appearance.

Using the NutriBullet allows me to get in the proper amount of fruit and vegetables that we need.  Your daily serving of fruits and veggies depends on your age, sex and physical activity.  The proper recommendation can vary from 2-5 cups per day.

I pray that God will continue to guide us along a healthy path.


If you are interested in reading about my experience with exercise and meditation, please read an article posted on iBelieve.com titled “Exercise Your Soul“.


3 thoughts on “Juice & Healthy Choices

  1. Hi Mara, I have a juicer that I have used on and off for many years. When I was juicing consistently, I noticed a difference in both my skin and I felt lighter. I have not juiced in a very long time and I started juicing again yesterday. I will hold myself accountable to juice daily and see how I feel again. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thank you so much for your insight.

    Mary Ann


  2. I’ve been considering juicing, but I’m looking for different ways to use the pulp before I commit. This is why I’m in a smoothie habit – little inherent waste. What do you do with the pulp?


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