Love the Way God Intended – Guest Post


Guest Post by Veronica:  Allow me to introduce you to an amazing God-fearing woman.  I met Veronica 2 years ago in the Consumer Services department for a well-known paper company.  I’m thankful that she was willing to share her story.  I hope that you find it inspiring and moving as well.


I was a senior in college that was graduating soon with a good job and a long-term boyfriend. I thought I had my whole future planned out. I would graduate college, work at my dream job and get married. I considered myself lucky to have my life so figured out. Then things didn’t go the way I had planned.

My boyfriend of four years broke up with me. I was devastated. I felt like I had to re-plan my whole life, a life that no longer included him. I had it all together, but now it had fallen apart.

I was frustrated and angry with God. I blamed Him for not having the same plan for me as I did myself and I started to doubt if He had a plan for me at all. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Instead of turning to this verse as truth, I walked away from God altogether and began to pick up the pieces on my own. I thought if that verse was true, then how could he let this happen to me.

Little did I know that God’s plan for me that was better than I could ever imagine.

Five months after breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, I went to Panama City, Florida for spring break with a group of friends. As you can imagine, I was not looking for love on spring break but I did meet a guy named Ryan that I ended up hanging out with the whole trip. I did not think much of it and went home thinking we would never see each other again.

It wasn’t until months after returning home that I realized, God works in mysterious ways. Ryan and I had continued to talk daily since we returned home. There was something about him that would not allow me to forget the emotional connection we had formed. We talked about faith, our families and our past. I started reading my Bible again and would talk with Ryan about what we read that day. Eventually we started driving to visit each other, we lived five hours away.

A year after we met, we got engaged and then married a year after that. I truly believe I would have never met Ryan without the grace of God. He knew the plans he had for me, plans to marry a man of God and to live our lives together for Him.


Now after a year of marriage, I hope people look at our relationship and see that there is something different about us. The difference is the glue that holds us together… God.

Through all the ups and downs of marriage that we have and will encounter, God will lead us through. I believe everyone can have a relationship that is right in the eyes of God. You must first put your hand up and give God control. I am proof he does have a plan for you and it is better than what you have planned for yourself.

Remember, a marriage bonded together by Christ is more than a marriage, it’s a ministry.



Veronica resides in Wisconsin with Ryan and their dog-child, Shandy.  She enjoys taking Shandy to the dog park, going fishing and spending quality time with family.  She is blessed and can’t wait to see where God takes her and her family next. 


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