When God Is There – A Poem


I started writing poetry at age 14 and it honestly helped me through some difficult days.  In the recent weeks, I just started writing and found healing through an old hobby.  I love the creative comfort it provides and knew it would help me through another long trial.  Here are my thoughts and heartache through a poem…

When God Is There

When you feel alone in sadness
… Is God there?
Tear stains surround their eyes
… God is there
Sleepless nights turn to to days of despair
… But God is there
Sinking deeper into a sea of rumor and assumption
… And God was there
Angry faces and pointing fingers cut straight to their hearts
… Yet God was there
Circling the pits of darkness and sacrifice
… God is still there
Scorned by those they dreaded to leave behind
… God is there
Fighting a fight without an answer or win
… And God was always there!

– Written by, Mara Rose 2013

Copyright 2013 Words By Mara. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “When God Is There – A Poem

  1. Powerful poem! God is always there for us. Sometimes we don’t feel like it, but He is. May we all have eyes to see how He is working in our circumstances. Blessings!


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