Green Products – Norwex Make-Up Remover


Looks pretty gross, right?

This is what my new Norwex Make-up Remover looked like after I already “washed” my face. Crazy, right? Kind of makes you wonder if your “face cleaning” products are actually doing their job!

Norwex Make-up Remover is made with microfiber fabric, which allows the cloth to easily remove your make-up. All you need is the cloth, hot water and your face. That’s it!

Start by dampening the cloth with warm water. Fold it into quarters and gently wipe across your face. Make-up is removed effortlessly!

This product is ideal for individuals seeking a chemical-free product. It’s easy on your skin because it doesn’t include harsh chemicals or astringents. It’s just fabric!

The cloth is also very green and eco-friendly. It will not only save you hundreds a year in make-up removal wipes, but it also keeps it out of the landfills.

Check out my friend Lauren’s website for Norwex by clicking here. They have a ton of eco-friendly products for the home too! Give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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