My Guest Post on Identity Renewed


A few weeks ago, I was a guest blogger on my friend Teryn’s website. She is the writer at Identity Renewed – which focuses on brokenness redeemed by God’s light.

Identity Renewed is a blog about revealing wounds. It’s about exposing those sides of us that we don’t often expose, in hopes that we may all feel a little less alone in humanity. It’s about freeing us up to learn that God can often meet us in the wounds. Teryn says, “When we are honest and confront our pain, healing comes and we embrace God’s love.”

Teryn is currently writing a fantasy novel trilogy and works in the publishing industry.

I connected with Teryn on Twitter and through the online Christian community last year. I’m very thankful for her friendship and the opportunity to post on her site.

Please check out my post on Identity Renewed as I share my story of how the Lord has transformed my life and identity through a life changing accident. Read the post here – Finding God in the Midst of  Brain Injury.

God bless you all this week.


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