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Guest Post by Veronica: Returning for a second time on WordsByMara is my friend and co-worker, Veronica. Today she is sharing her testimony and story of coming to faith. Our relationship with God is constantly growing and needs tender care. I pray that you are encouraged by Veronica’s story.

Blessed to have been raised in a Christian home, I have always known about Jesus and the sacrifice he made for our sins. I do not have a specific day, time or moment that I can say was the exact time I found Jesus, because for as long as I can remember, he always has been there.

For that reason, I have never felt like my testimony has been worth sharing. However, looking deep, that is what makes it worth sharing. It’s a story of ups and downs and growth – aspects that any relationship goes through.

All through high school I was extremely involved in my church. I went on two life changing missions’ trips and was an active member in youth group and leading junior high bible studies. Going into college I was confident I would take all of that with me.

But as much as I wanted to… it did not happen.

I was never a huge partier, but I didn’t get involved with any church groups on campus. Actually, I can only remember one time that I went to church while I was in college. That is really hard to admit, but it’s true.

Through it all, I always considered myself a Christian, but was I? Yes, I believed that Jesus died for my sins, but I certainly did not have a great personal relationship with him any longer. I read my bible occasionally, and prayed daily, but the personal relationship I had with Him was not the same as in the past.

I knew God could see my heart, he knew my desires to have a relationship with him again. I had a longing for more, but did not know how to get there. I started praying and asking for God to lead me to him.

I reached out to a friend that I knew was actively involved in church and started going with her. Along with reading my Bible daily again, I finally felt like I was in a good place in my relationship with Him.

Like any relationship, a relationship with God would take time spent with him and an effort to live life in a Godly way.

Two years after graduating college, I was baptized. To me this did not represent giving my life to Him for the first time. Instead, it symbolized a commitment to carry out his plan and actively live life for Him daily and forever.

Recently after I was baptized, I shared with a coworker about the experience. Her response surprised me, “You’re the most un-stereotypical Christian I have ever met”, she said.

Honestly, that hurt to hear. What was meant to be a compliment felt like the complete opposite to me.

I didn’t understand. I had never done anything in the workplace that would make someone think I am not a follower of Christ. Why would she say that?

As followers of Christ, we are called to share the Gospel with others. Simply knowing His Word is not enough. I felt as though I had failed. After being on an emotional high from being baptized, I again was in a stage of self-reflection.

Through prayer, I realized although I had not done anything “secular” to make her believe I was not a Christian, I had never done anything to show her that I was.

Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”.

Now, I can honestly say I feel that I live that verse as truth. It does not mean introducing myself as a Christian or standing on street corners with signs. However, through my words and actions I try to show God’s love.

Every day I wake up with purpose.  I feel energized and renewed to see what God has planned for me next. I feel myself growing in my faith daily and always looking for an opportunity to share that with others.

I may not be perfect, but I have a wanting and desire to live for Him. If you yearn for a personal relationship with God, remember what He tells us in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart”.

VeronicaVeronica resides in Wisconsin with Ryan and their dog-child, Shandy.  She enjoys taking Shandy to the dog park, going fishing and spending quality time with family.  She is blessed and can’t wait to see where God takes her and her family next. 


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