My Guest Post on Devotional Diva


Today, I am a guest blogger on Devotional Diva. Read my post “When It’s Easier to Declare Defeat“.

Have you ever declared self-defeat rather than leaning on faith? This is my story about what God has taught me through pregnancy and the miracles He creates every day!

Thank you to my friend, Renee Fisher, for having me as a guest blogger on Devotional Diva. I have learned a lot from Renee about writing and blogging. We met unofficially through It is also an honor to have her as an upcoming guest blogger on my website this summer.

In case you’ve missed my articles on iBelieve and other sites – check them out here.

Stay tuned for for book reviews and other posts coming soon.

Have a blessed week!



2 thoughts on “My Guest Post on Devotional Diva

  1. This is a very inspirational post. Thank you, Mara for sharing your story. I don’t suffer from chronic pain, however my husband and I have been trying for a baby for 3 years and I was told my chances of falling pregnant was very slim. But I still trust that God has a bigger plan for us and I still believe in miracles, be it small or big. God bless you for sharing you story and I pray that the rest of your term goes smoothly and that the birth of your little miracle is just blessed!!!


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