Turn it Yellow for Endo Awareness


It’s March and we’re back… bringing you more posts than ever this year!

Your support is most appreciated!!

October is typically known for Breast Cancer Awareness and pink is found everywhere. Well, this month we are dedicated to turning social media and everything yellow to raise awareness for Endometriosis.

So what can you do to help?

  • Turn your profile picture yellow
  • Wear a yellow ribbon, scarf, or t-shirt
  • Share our images and stats with your friends, family and follower

Here are some facts about Endometriosis:

  • 1 in 10 women have Endometriosis (also known as Endo)
  • Endo cannot be OFFICIALLY diagnosed without surgery. A doctor might be able to determine if your symptoms match the disease but it’s not 100% unless they see your insides.
  • 2-4% of women in the world have Endo.
  • 30 to 50% of women with Endo may experience trouble with infertility. Stats don’t always matter though.
  • Pregnancy is possible!
  • There are other reproductive conditions that can cause extra pain or even mimic Endo.
  • Endo is measured in stages but it does not determine your ability to reproduce or level of pain. Stages measure how far lesions grow in your body.
  • Pregnancy, hysterectomy and surgery do NOT cure Endo.

You will probably see more posts this month.

Please share! Thank you for helping us to raise awareness!



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One thought on “Turn it Yellow for Endo Awareness

  1. My sister has this. She has 3 healthy children and has had several surgeries. Her last one was a partial hysterectomy and it has done wonders for her. I don’t think she’s ever mentioned there being an awareness month, so I assume she doesn’t know. I’ll be telling her.


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