The Brink of Insanity – Parenting a Toddler


When your first child is born, your entire world is turned upside down. You are now in charge of a living, breathing, dependable human being that shares half of your genes.

People used to tell me to enjoy the time before your child starts walking and talking. Honestly, I used to think that maybe they forgot how tough newborns can be. Pfft! What did I know?

Your world turns upside down and then explodes as soon as your child starts moving – whether that be scooting, crawling or walking. Everything is new and exciting to them. They learn by shoving items into their mouth even if they shouldn’t and they have no idea that an electrical socket could easily kill them. It is insane how fast things change and how many every day objects become a hazard.

So for anyone that has not yet lost their sanity from living with a toddler… allow me to share a few observations…

You know you’re the parent of a toddler when…

  • You have impressively developed special night vision eye abilities; which allows you to see and locate the smallest, clearest object (like a pacifier) by only the dim glow of a nightlight.
  • You’re satisfied with any amount of snuggle time, even if it’s due to teething or bumping their head… you are more than willing to snuggle. Babies snuggle, toddlers have places to be and things to do.
  • You’ve had a half-eaten cheerio stuck in between your toes for hours without knowing. You are constantly finding small particles of food that mysteriously pop up in your kitchen, living room, bath tub, car seat and stroller. Where does it all come from?
  • People ask if you have plans for the night and you reluctantly, yet thankfully, respond with “Nope, putting the baby to bed” while also hoping you get to sleep early too! Does this mean you’re old now?
  • Your days are no longer spent in relaxation and you are now in constant “please don’t choke on that” or “please don’t climb on that” mode.
  • You are really over the fact that your kid now poops up to 4 times a day. When does potty training begin? Lord help us.
  • You realize that there is no point in trying to keep your house neat or clean… your toddler will just destroy it in a matter of minutes anyway.
  • Your child has a schedule and YOU LOVE THAT more than anything. Life is a little more predictable – until those dreaded teeth start waking up your child in the middle of the night. Routine goes out the window then.
  • Relaxation now includes a glass of wine, the heating pad and a guilty-pleasure series on Netflix starting at 7pm when your child is sleeping. Phew!! You deserve it.

Please share your parenting stories or tips below. We would love to hear them! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Brink of Insanity – Parenting a Toddler

  1. What if you’ve already gone insane before the kid is walking? I always look forward to having some breathing time after he’s gone to sleep, but usually it’s hard enough trying to stay awake longer than he does.


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