The Mind Connection – Book Review by Danielle


It’s so easy to become tangled up in our own thoughts. Even while I was reading The Mind Connection, my mind would begin to wander, thinking of all the activities I needed to accomplish after finishing this one chapter. Which, in turn, would force me to read the chapter slower and get to the rest of my day at a later time.

In The Mind Connection, Joyce Meyer speaks to the reader regarding the connection between our thoughts, words, and actions. Each thought we have can and will come through when we mull something over – may it be good or bad. No matter how hard we try to keep our thoughts internal, they will find a way to come forth.

Using Scripture, personal stories, and reflection, Meyer provides suggestions on how to clear the mind from the clutter that can come with too many thoughts. As she points out in her book, we cannot control what others say, think, or do, but we can control ourselves. Though it may not be easy, with God’s help all is possible. And in turn, while we are not here to control the change in another person, we can be aware that God is able, and to leave it in His hands.

One of my favorite lines, near the end of the book, sums up the book for me in so many ways. “It is true that what is in our heart comes out of our mouth, but it is also true that what we speak out of mouths will get into our hearts.” Our thoughts are connected to our words, and our words reveal what we keep within our heart.

Broken into four sections with multiple chapters in each, The Mind Connection breaks down how to look within and outside of ourselves. Each chapter is set up in a similar fashion, providing stories and Scripture to provide evidence to her argument. Knowing that Meyer is a gifted speaker, I read each chapter as though she were speaking directly to me, hearing the emphasis on certain words, the stories becoming sharper, and going away from a chapter eager to start the next one.

Throughout the book, I was able to reflect on my own thoughts, and how my words affected either my own actions, or how I reacted to those around me. This did cause my mind to wander – which is one of the things she speaks of! – but I was able to reign myself back in, taking notes along the way or dotting down where to go back to in the book.

Part of the book’s charm is that it does not appear to be intended to just be read straight through. Each chapter is its own work. While she may reflect back on a story or issue she had spoken of previously, it is not necessary to read it straight through; and it provides a good reference when you feel you thoughts starting to tangle up again!

The Mind Connection works to get to the heart of why we think the way we do, and how those thoughts are connected to our feelings about ourselves, and others. Or how our internal thoughts are connected to our external characteristics. Meyer’s book gives good food for thought, and practical situations to help clear our thoughts, and work with God to become the person he knows us to be.


Danielle LauxToday’s Book Review is by our new WordsByMara contributor, Miss Danielle Laux. She has contributed several guest posts and will offer book reviews as time allows. Please welcome her on Twitter.

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