The Chronic Life – Types of Doctor Appointments


This will be a continuing series throughout my blog. They are meant to be short and shareable.

In the life of a chronic pain and illness patient… there are 4 different kinds of Doctor appointments.

  1. The Anxious Kind:  You’ve been waiting for an answer or anticipating results from a new or increasingly painful symptom. This is the kind of appointment you post about on Facebook, asking your friends to pray for you. Whatever happens… you can handle.
  2. The Routine Kind:  Same crap, different day. Follow up and routine appointments are about as normal as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. It’s something you budget for in your flex spending account. Guaranteed to happen often.
  3. The New Kind:  You’ve never met this new doctor and will need to spend the first 20-30 minutes going over your medical history. It’s always a chore catching up the new ones.
  4. The Relief Kind:  Whether you need pain relief from one of your chronic issues or a quick dose of antibiotics… you can’t wait to get the relief. These appointment types are welcomed and usually unscheduled.

Whatever situation you’re going through and whatever type of appointment you have coming up… it will be okay. You’ll get through it and come out even stronger than before. Don’t lose hope.

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