My Letter to Endometriosis

My Letter to Endo

*This post was first posted on MyEndoTeam and is shared on WordsByMara with permission.


Dear Endometriosis,

We’ve known each other for quite some time now. You were quite tricky to nail down, but it’s been a “pleasure” learning more about you.

It feels like just yesterday that we were acquainted after my first surgery in 2010. Thanks again, by the way, for pulling me into the O.R. just 3 weeks before my wedding. As always, you have absolutely impeccable timing.

When I was first diagnosed, I had no idea how much you would effect my life. I’ve had to change my diet and start working at home because of you. I have even lost friends… all because of you.

For the last 6 years, I have battled you. And I need a break! We ALL need a break.

So… I am writing to address some real important issues with you.

I am very displeased with how you treats others. It seriously breaks my heart every time I hear how you carry out ruthless, unrelenting pain against other Endo sisters. What have we done to deserve this kind of torture? Is it our fault that God gave us a uterus?

Please stop disturbing my sleep. As if the painful cramping at 3am isn’t enough, then other nights my hormone imbalance totally prevents my brain from relaxing. Gosh, can’t you do anything right?

I hate that you often dictate my mood or level of physical activity. Listen here, I enjoy exercising and I am generally a happy person. I don’t enjoy cancelling plans with friends or family just so I can stay home to hang out with you and my heating pad.

I cannot handle hearing the word surgery any more. You’ve been scraped, lasered, burned and cut out of my body on 4 separate occasions. Please do me and all of my Endo sisters the courtesy… and give us a freaking break! Surgery is exhausting. My abdomen looks like a piece of swiss cheese. If I could go longer than 3 years without another surgery, it would be a miracle.

I am dedicated to fighting you and advocating for others. It is my own personal mission to help other patients understand your capabilities and the effects you can have on our lives. Through my blog and other ideas within the community, I plan to expose everything possible. You’ve been warned.

Speaking of which… WHY are you so misunderstood? Why won’t you allow us and the doctors to figure you out? I know some women that have suffered from this disease since the 80’s and claim very little progress has been made in trying to understand you. Please, just cooperate.

We need to have a cure! Since you’re so misunderstood and hard to diagnose (for some), researchers and doctors have an incredibly difficult time figuring out a cure. Seriously, throw us a bone. There are millions of us worldwide that need relief!

Please take time to consider all of my concerns. I appreciate it.

By the way, Endo, despite the havoc you have created in my life and many others, we still stand strong. We will not let you defeat us! You can keep trying to knock us down, but we will get right back up and become even stronger. That’s a promise.

As my fellow Endo Warrior and friend, Jill Fuersich, stated, “Anyone can fake being sick, but it takes a really strong women to fake being well.”

Do not underestimate the strength of the women that fight you every single day, all day!  

Kindest Regards,
Mara Rose

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