HELLP Syndrome Awareness – My Story


Every mom has a story about the day their baby(s) entered the world and mine is no different. People might assume that pregnancy and delivery come with a few “discomforts” but it seems the most serious are rarely talked about.

Three weeks before my due date and 3 days before my maternity leave, I started experiencing some unusual symptoms. I woke up one morning with extreme dizziness, a massive headache and my fingers/toes had ballooned to 3-times their normal size overnight.

Pregnancy typically comes with fatigue but that morning was different for me. I couldn’t even make it to the bathroom without needing a break. My sister is an RN and encouraged me to call my doctor right away. We went in for tests and I was hooked up to the monitor. Thankfully Micah was okay, but I was not. I was suffering from HELLP Syndrome and the baby needed to be delivered quickly to reverse my symptoms – which could have been fatal. I was in the O.R. soon after and we joyfully met the pouty face of our beautiful boy. I’m forever grateful for the staff and doctors at Kaldas Center.

There is a HUGE amount of stigma associated with “being worried” when it comes to pregnant women.

Some people tell you not to worry about every little thing, but when it comes to life-threatening symptoms there is a need for concern!!

I started to show signs of HELLP Syndrome at 30 weeks when I noticed decreased vision in my left eye. My doctor told me to go to the hospital if it didn’t go away. Thankfully my vision improved soon after, allowing us to resume normal preparation as we anxiously awaited the arrival of our son.

Although it’s “rare”, I hope that sharing our story will help you learn more about the warning signs of HELLP Syndrome for yourself or your loved ones. As always, notify your doctor or seek medical help immediately – as it may help save your life and your baby!

Please do not ever think you’re being dramatic or worrying too much. HELLP, preeclampsia and other health concerns during pregnancy should always be taken seriously.

Again, seek help if you are worried and have concerning symptoms. You can learn more about HELLP Syndrome here. Gods blessings to you and your little ones!

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