Signs You Might Have Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia (Fibro) has a mind of it’s own. Ironically, this misunderstood illness is caused by abnormal pain signals within the brain.

This condition can often feel like a bunch of “random symptoms” occurring within your body. And until you’re diagnosed, these random symptoms can feel… scary, overwhelming, lonely, and painful.

When it comes to patients with Fibromyalgia, no case is exactly the same. Pain doesn’t always appear in textbook form – it is extremely irregular. It can be tricky too, because there are often underlying causes or symptoms that can match other autoimmune-related diseases like Lupus and Lyme’s Disease.

This is why it’s SO important to document your symptoms and talk to a doctor.

There are many complexities to this chronic condition, but first we need to understand the signs of this illness.

Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

  • Widespread Pain and Stiffness – The best way I can describe Fibro pain is by saying it’s a lot like the body aches when you’re sick with the flu. Everything hurts on every part of your body. The stiffness usually occurs in your neck or low back – especially in the morning. I have found that yoga really benefits the pain and stiffness issue.
  • Extreme Fatigue – Tired. So, so very tired. All the time! Sleep is often disrupted by pain or a restless mind. Having continuous nights of interrupted sleep can cause that “flu like” pain, sensitive muscles and tender points (see image below).
  • Depression and Anxiety – Unfortunately this condition is associated with hormonal and neuro imbalances, which can cause you to become depressed. Being in chronic pain and then dealing with life circumstances can only add to the depression.
  • Fibro Fog – This annoying phenomenon is, yet again, a symptom related to restless sleep and food sensitivities associated with Fibro. The “fog” can leave the sufferer with cognitive difficulties – such as the inability to focus or find the right words.
  • Myofascial Pain – Tender points in your jaw, base of the skull and headaches are also associated with Fibro.
  • Allergies and Fragrance Sensitivity – Some sufferers experience year round allergies. Fragrances can easily irritate your nose and cause headaches or muscle pain.
  • And more. Check out resources here.

Please see my other posts on how to improve symptoms naturally.

Contact me if you have any questions about Fibromyalgia.

The below image shows the tender points of Fibro – which hurt ALL the time.


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