Are You Ready for a Diet Change?


Why are necessary changes so hard? If a diet change would help you feel better, why would you delay that change? Why do we mourn the loss of food like it’s a friend or a pet?

It’s food!! Nourishment for your organs and body. A life sustainable resource!

When we stop looking at food like a buddy or a pillow, then maybe, just maybe, things will be easier to change.

You, yes, I’m talking to you!

If you know something is terrible for your body, chronic illness or digestion, then why would you continue to eat it? Why haven’t you changed your diet yet?

My decision to go gluten free, about 4 years ago, was really difficult. But the decision to go dairy free, 2 months ago, was even more challenging since there are very little known alternatives to dairy.

The first step in making diet changes is research and discussion. Which food might be irritating your body? Maybe consider a food sensitivity test or elimination diets.

The next step is action. We need to make the conscious decision to remove something toxic and harmful from our bodies. Taking the first step is hard, but it can be done one day at a time.

The final step is acceptance. We need to accept the fact that this food will never again be allowed in your body. Never.

As a person with chronic illness, there are lists upon lists with foods that I shouldn’t eat

I.C. Issues = Low Acid
Endometriosis Issues = No Dairy or Soy
Fibromyalgia Issues = No Gluten

When it comes to feeding myself with the proper nutrients, I have chosen to eat as clean as possible. After 33 years, I am learning to cook and bake without key ingredients like milk or flour.

With all these necessary changes in my regular diet, I feel so much better. My family had to adjust slightly, but it’s really not as difficult as you might think. And contrary to what you may have heard… eating gluten and dairy free is actually quite affordable (contact me for suggestions).

The truth is… when we make any kind of change, it will always require an adjustment period. The biggest obstacle to conquer, however, will be yourself. The need for change has to come from within and you need to be committed to the change.

You’ll be amazed by the positive changes and how great you truly feel without toxic ingredients floating around in your body. Are you willing to make that change now?

The next steps await you… are you ready to commit?

Please leave a comment below for help in making a diet change or if you have a success story!

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