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How Do You Survive The Storm?

How Do You Survive The Storm?

It was pitch black when I woke up in the middle of a deep sleep. The wind howled and slammed against our bedroom window with a threatening force. Lightening flashed rapidly and my heart began to race. I jumped out of bed and quickly ran to our lower level. My husband stood in the living room … Continue reading

Assumption is Dumb

Assumption is Dumb

Several years ago, I lived in a vintage apartment on Milwaukee’s east side. It was a trendy and vibrant area to live in my mid-20’s. The streets were filled with over-caffeinated hipsters and seemingly cool college students. It was the place to be on a Saturday night and I was lucky to call it home. During … Continue reading

How to Be Your Own Advocate

When I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I saw a lot of doctors before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Endometriosis and a slew of spine issues. We were working towards finding a diagnosis and the process was unbearably frustrating. I constantly felt judged and since I was so young some doctors seemed to … Continue reading

Product Review – Faithful Workouts

  Get Fit Gods Way – Workout 1, by Mara A month ago, I was contacted by Michelle Spadafora of Faithful Workouts. God’s timing was incredible, as always. Read her guest post here. Michelle sent some DVDs for me to try and several to give away (see more below)! So here is where I stand with fitness. … Continue reading

Guest Post – Chronic Pain and Exercise

Guest Post by Michelle Spadafora – I believe God has purpose in everything. Always. So it’s no coincidence that Michelle contacted me with her Christian exercise plans. After having a baby and dealing with an increase in my pain levels, I am truly thankful to connect with her. She found me on a fellow Christian’s … Continue reading

Guest Post – I Thought You Hated Me

Guest Post by Renee Fisher – I am humbled and excited to have Renee Fisher as a guest blogger this week. We “met” through and have become friends over the last year. Renee inspires me as a writer and Christian woman. I am truly thankful for her friendship and, dare I say, unintentional mentorship. … Continue reading