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Phone Interview Etiquette

When it comes to phone interviews, they can be tricky. You’re not actually face-to-face with someone, but it’s the most important CRUCIAL step in marketing yourself to the company. I remember my very first phone interview. I had applied to large companies in the Milwaukee area years ago and most of them were conducting phone interviews as … Continue reading


Book Review – Shackled Lily by T.L. Gray

T.L. Gray contacted me in the summer about reviewing her 2nd book in the 3-part Winsor Series. If you missed my review on her first book “Shattered Rose”, please check it out here. One of the best features of a 3-part book series is that you get to learn more about these characters that you’ve … Continue reading

After the Interview – Steps Toward Employment

I’ve recently posted “Basic Interview Tips“; which seemed to get a good response from current job seekers. So… the interview is over.  What are you supposed to do besides wait? 1. Send a thank you card to the interviewer.  Be certain to get a business card before or after the interview.  This will guarantee correct … Continue reading

Basic Interview Tips

Well, I’ve finally mustered the courage to share tips for professional interviews. This is a small portion of what I’d like to include in my “career tips for college students” book; which is still in the works. As I mentioned in my article on… I’ve gone through several phone and in-person interviews. I’ve interviewed … Continue reading