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Glazed Shrimp and Fennel Recipe

Glazed Shrimp and Fennel Recipe

There is something so rewarding about growing your own food and then putting it on your table for dinner. Many of us are breaking away from that supermarket trap and growing our own food. Have you ever tried a food share or co-op program with one of your local farms? If not, I highly suggest doing … Continue reading

Living on a Gluten-Free Diet

What is it like to live on a gluten-free diet? I get this question a lot. For anyone out there that might be considering a gluten-free diet, I do have a few answers to the common questions. So let’s begin… I hope you find this helpful… Q: What is gluten? A: Gluten is a protein … Continue reading

Delicious Recipe – Mara’s Tomato Zuppa

The other day I was craving a bowl of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup. Since their soup isn’t exactly gluten-free, I decided to make my own spin off inspired by the delicious dish. Their soup contains a cream base – which probably includes flour. So I used whatever I could find in my pantry and … Continue reading

Confessions of a Former Skinny Girl

I have gained weight. Phew! There… I said it. I’m sharing this with you because I feel you can relate. Do you know what I mean when I say… “in my head it didn’t seem that bad until I saw myself in a full length mirror.” Yeah. I finally realized it was time to break up … Continue reading

Summer Salad Recipes – Tomato Love

I love creating and, of course, eating summer salads.  As tomato season begins, I have a couple recipes that will be perfect for any summer gathering.  These salads are healthy and gluten free! — Summer Caprese Salad 3 vine-ripe tomatoes 1 brick or fresh mozzarella cheese (I saved myself $3 and got the cheaper stuff) … Continue reading

Juice & Healthy Choices

I have been using my fancy new juicer for 2 weeks now.  This morning, I actually started to notice positive changes in my skin.  The appearance is bright and healthy. Since our skin is the last place to receive nutrients I can only imagine how it’s affected me on the inside.  Thank God! I’m finding … Continue reading

Benefits of Healthy Eating

I have not been the model for healthy living or eating in the past.  Through documentaries and reading, I have learned how important it can be to take care of our bodies.  God only granted us with one life and we should treat our bodies like a temple. I’ve been eating gluten-free for over a … Continue reading

Juicing – Week 2

It’s been a week and juicing is going GREAT.  I did take 1 day off this week though… not gonna lie – I was FAMISHED! Some of the recipes have been great, and others.. not so much.  My favorite juice so far was banana, kale, blackberries and blueberries. I’ve even included a little aloe juice … Continue reading

Happy Chicken Chili Soup

Adapted from one of my Mom’s recipes – I’ve created a “Happy Chicken Chili Soup” and paired it with a gluten-free cornbread.  This recipe is perfect for cold winter days and for anyone with a busy schedule.  It’s simmered in the slow cooker and will supply enough leftovers all week. This recipe has become a … Continue reading

Juicing – Day 1

I ordered the NutriBullet and it arrived yesterday.  Today was my first day juicing.  I have a lot to learn, because the first “juice” was more like a smoothie. Note to self:  Add water to the fill line. Today I tried spring green, almonds, blueberries, chia seed and apple. Are you juicing?  Please share any … Continue reading