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HELLP Syndrome Awareness – My Story

HELLP Syndrome Awareness – My Story

Every mom has a story about the day their baby(s) entered the world and mine is no different. People might assume that pregnancy and delivery come with a few “discomforts” but it seems the most serious are rarely talked about. Three weeks before my due date and 3 days before my maternity leave, I started … Continue reading


Random Confessions of a New Parent

Random Confessions of a New Parent

Here is a true confession. I used to judge parents before I became one. Fact. I used to say stuff like, “Oh I’ll never do this” or “I can’t believe parents do that”. Honestly, you need to find what works for you and your children. That is the most important factor. So forget what your … Continue reading

The Brink of Insanity – Parenting a Toddler

The Brink of Insanity – Parenting a Toddler

When your first child is born, your entire world is turned upside down. You are now in charge of a living, breathing, dependable human being that shares half of your genes. People used to tell me to enjoy the time before your child starts walking and talking. Honestly, I used to think that maybe they forgot … Continue reading

The Kind of Love

There is a kind of inexplicable love. The kind of love that you cannot know until you’ve held it in your arms. The kind of love that grows from the inside out. A love so holy and pure that it hurts. This love grows deeper with every cry, every sleepless night and every smile. It … Continue reading

Save Time with Baby Food Dots

A few months ago, my infant son started spitting it out his baby food. I got so frustrated that I just stopped giving him baby food on a spoon. He is a very independent kid and I assumed he just wanted to feed himself. I tried to give him bananas – he gagged. I tried to … Continue reading

Product Review – Monthly Books for KIDS by Bookroo

Sometimes connections with great people happen by happy accident. Allow me to introduce – a website dedicated to the development of your kiddo’s brain! Here is how it works: Go to to find a package of your liking. Do you want to receive books each month, or 3 months, or 6 months? Select the best … Continue reading

Being Mom

It happens at different times for us all. Somewhere between the first moment and maybe the first day or week. Somehow you realize that your whole world has changed – and you carried it inside your body for almost a year. You’re a mom. It was a word that I used regularly but a love … Continue reading

Tales From a First Time Mom

It’s a funny thing. Parenthood. The biggest responsibility of your life. A small human that shares half of your DNA is now living in the world. Your friends and family members with kids will tell you horror stories of blow-out diapers, baby puke on clothes, leaking breast milk at work and all the things you … Continue reading