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Tips for Having the Best Doctor’s Visit – From a Real M.D.

Tips for Having the Best Doctor’s Visit – From a Real M.D.

Guest Post by, Dr. Rami Kaldas – I am humbled to present this post from my own doctor and Endo Specialist. He is the first doctor that I ever truly trusted. Rami performed 4 of my 6 surgeries – including the delivery of our son via c-section. His clinic is remarkable and extremely thorough when it … Continue reading


HELLP Syndrome Awareness – My Story

HELLP Syndrome Awareness – My Story

Every mom has a story about the day their baby(s) entered the world and mine is no different. People might assume that pregnancy and delivery come with a few “discomforts” but it seems the most serious are rarely talked about. Three weeks before my due date and 3 days before my maternity leave, I started … Continue reading

Random Confessions of a New Parent

Random Confessions of a New Parent

Here is a true confession. I used to judge parents before I became one. Fact. I used to say stuff like, “Oh I’ll never do this” or “I can’t believe parents do that”. Honestly, you need to find what works for you and your children. That is the most important factor. So forget what your … Continue reading

Being Mom

It happens at different times for us all. Somewhere between the first moment and maybe the first day or week. Somehow you realize that your whole world has changed – and you carried it inside your body for almost a year. You’re a mom. It was a word that I used regularly but a love … Continue reading

Tales From a First Time Mom

It’s a funny thing. Parenthood. The biggest responsibility of your life. A small human that shares half of your DNA is now living in the world. Your friends and family members with kids will tell you horror stories of blow-out diapers, baby puke on clothes, leaking breast milk at work and all the things you … Continue reading

More Pregnancy Notes and Post Delivery

So… as you know, I have spent the last year of my life growing a human and then learning to be a parent. I will have many more posts on this as time goes on. Several of my childless married friends have asked intriguing and important questions along the way. So I hope you all find … Continue reading

Guest Post – Drowning Out the Parenting Horror Stories

Guest Post, by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin – She is the author of the newly released, Expectant Parents: Preparing Together for the Journey of Parenthood. It is an honor and privilege to have her as a guest blogger. As a new parent, I can appreciate Suzanne’s point of view on parenting and motherhood. So whether you are expecting, planning … Continue reading

Pregnancy is a Journey – 14 Stages

Pregnancy is a journey, and quite honestly, something that I never thought I would experience (read more about my story here). It is a miraculous blessing to be able to carry a child and I am so very thankful for our sweet little boy, Micah. My pregnancy presented many challenges, but I will spare you … Continue reading

Guest Post – God Told Me to Wait

Guest Post by Shannon Andersen – I am humbled to introduce a very dear friend of mine. Shannon shares her journey as a new parent and her son’s unexpected health challenges in the first few days after birth. As a new mom, Christian and friend… I admire her strength and willingness to share a rather difficult story. … Continue reading

Coming Soon on Words By Mara

Well… we are getting closer to the arrival of baby! In the months to come you will read several guest posts by some rather amazing women. I look forward to introducing you all to some new bloggers and few returning guests. You are in good hands while I take a little time off to prepare … Continue reading