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Special Diets are Lonely

Special Diets are Lonely

Her abdomen twisted suddenly and fiercely. The inside cramped and squeezed. She felt tears sting the eyes as they threatened to fall. What caused the pain this time? Pain grips her lower abdomen with unbearable tightness before she retreats to the restroom. She tries to recollect what had been eaten over the last 24 hours. … Continue reading

Taking Breaks and Offering Help

Taking Breaks and Offering Help

Hello friends! Well, as many of you may know… I am currently taking a break from Facebook and Twitter. I find that social media breaks help to keep me grounded and focused on the important things in my life – which is obviously my family and my health. In the meantime, I will still be … Continue reading

Blog Series on MyEndoTeam – Part 1

I am excited to announce that WordsByMara is now being featured as a 3-part blog series on They are featuring some articles that were previously written on this site. MyEndometriosisTeam is a social network and online support group for women living with Endo. If you suffer from Endo and need support from an online … Continue reading

My Guest Post on Identity Renewed

A few weeks ago, I was a guest blogger on my friend Teryn’s website. She is the writer at Identity Renewed – which focuses on brokenness redeemed by God’s light. Identity Renewed is a blog about revealing wounds. It’s about exposing those sides of us that we don’t often expose, in hopes that we may all … Continue reading

Guest Post – Overcoming Physical Limitation

Guest Post by Jenny Lorton – I pray that this story encourages you to stand up to whatever situations or circumstances might be holding you back. Jenny previously wrote “Life Through God’s Design” and is now sharing her battle with Polio. Personally, I’m humbled and thankful to share this with you all. Jenny is a … Continue reading

Talk to us when we’re in pain

Originally posted on Endohope:
So many times now in the past I’ve found myself surrounded by people when I am in agony, and not one person has stepped forward to talk to me, even if it’s a half-hearted attempt to ask if I am okay. Such a snub from those around me (who know I…

Summer Meals 101 – Potato Salad and Salmon

Summer Meals 101 with Mara Rose In between the crazy summer schedules, Jon’s military training, my full-time job, exercise and short-lived attempts at relaxation… I like to put energy into an awesome summer meal.  This weekend, I decided to experiment with a potato salad. My husband is a lover of all foods, but I know … Continue reading

Coming Soon: May 2013

This month we have exciting new topics coming up.  Here is what you can look forward to reading on WordsByMara: Guest Post by Danielle Laux on Body Image and God’s Temple Guest Post by Haley Berg on Suicide and the People it Effects Guest Post by Denni Kraus on Respecting Your Husband Endometriosis Awareness Month: … Continue reading

Outside the Box Service

First guest post by my husband, Jonathan.  He wanted to share a customer service experience with our friends business.  You can look forward to more posts in the future from Jonathan on Words By Mara.  On March 29, Mara and I had our five year “Being Together Anniversary.” We celebrated that one because I’ll be … Continue reading