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Blog Series on MyFibroTeam – Part 2 and 3

Blog Series on MyFibroTeam – Part 2 and 3

Greetings all – I have been blessed to share some experiences and helpful tips on MyFibroTeam. Please read and share with your friends or family. Over the years of suffering with Fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, I’ve had to learn how to shift my focus off the pain and also do what is necessary to … Continue reading


Blog Series on MyFibroTeam – Part 1

Blog Series on MyFibroTeam – Part 1

Greetings all. I hope that you are healthy and doing well. Last week, WordsByMara was featured on the blog. This is new and original content; which has not yet been published to my site. Please click here to read and share my article – History Shows You Are Not Alone With Fibromyalgia I’ve struggled … Continue reading

Health and Happiness – Achieving Goals

Health and Happiness – Achieving Goals

Chronic illness is exactly that… chronic. Consistent. A vicious cycle. Every day. All day. Living with a chronic illness is not an excuse – it’s a reality. Many of us struggle to move beyond the every day aches, pains and flares out of fear that our body will trigger another vicious cycle of illness. A … Continue reading

How to Be Your Own Advocate

When I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I saw a lot of doctors before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Endometriosis and a slew of spine issues. We were working towards finding a diagnosis and the process was unbearably frustrating. I constantly felt judged and since I was so young some doctors seemed to … Continue reading

Living with Endometriosis

We get this question a lot. It’s a question that no statistic, no graphic and no medical documentation can answer. What is it like to live with Endometriosis? It hit me the day before my 4th surgery… my life often feels as though it revolves around surgery, pills and doctors. And, unfortunately, this probably isn’t … Continue reading

Survey and Giveaway – Faithful Workouts

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Faithful Workouts DVD’s – Click Here to ENTER! Some rules and exclusions apply: Must be a resident in the U.S. or Canada to enter. Must provide a valid email and mailing address to qualify. (Please note: Your info remains confidential) Enter to win between March 10th … Continue reading

Product Review – Faithful Workouts

  Get Fit Gods Way¬†–¬†Workout 1, by Mara A month ago, I was contacted by Michelle Spadafora of Faithful Workouts. God’s timing was incredible, as always. Read her guest post here. Michelle sent some DVDs for me to try and several to give away (see more below)! So here is where I stand with fitness. … Continue reading

Being Mom

It happens at different times for us all. Somewhere between the first moment and maybe the first day or week. Somehow you realize that your whole world has changed – and you carried it inside your body for almost a year. You’re a mom. It was a word that I used regularly but a love … Continue reading

Turn it Yellow for Endo Awareness

It’s March and we’re back… bringing you more posts than ever this year! Your support is most appreciated!! October is typically known for Breast Cancer Awareness and pink is found everywhere. Well, this month we are dedicated to turning social media and everything yellow to raise awareness for Endometriosis. So what can you do to … Continue reading

Guest Post – Chronic Pain and Exercise

Guest Post by Michelle Spadafora – I believe God has purpose in everything. Always. So it’s no coincidence that Michelle contacted me with her Christian exercise plans. After having a baby and dealing with an increase in my pain levels, I am truly thankful to connect with her. She found me on a fellow Christian’s … Continue reading