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The Winning Trials in Life

The Winning Trials in Life

Do you ever wonder what your life might be like if you hadn’t gone through various trials? Did that particular challenge completely reshape your future by opening your eyes to unfavorable traits or behaviors? Did you vow to turn your life around after surviving those difficult moments? The truth is… some people will learn and others … Continue reading


Christian Fighting

Getting into a disagreement with another Christian can often be more frustrating than the initial issue or problem itself. It’s okay to disagree and to share different perspectives, but it’s the way that we choose to handle it that matters the most. I’ve seen it happen and have been in the midst of some rather … Continue reading

My Thoughts on Faith

  Faith is the ability to believe what you cannot see.  It is the ability to press on and trust in God’s Word and Truth.  Faith is knowing that despite your circumstance… God will bless you.  It is delighting in the trial and thanking God for our troubles.  While the Lord is polishing and molding … Continue reading

The Bible – What Do I Know?

What is it about Easter Sunday that leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? My heart sings praises to God for the sacrifice of His Son. It is the peace and promise in Jesus that makes me feel new. Over the weekend, Jon and I watched The Bible series seen on the History Channel. We also watched … Continue reading