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My Letter to Endometriosis

My Letter to Endometriosis

*This post was first posted on MyEndoTeam and is shared on WordsByMara with permission. —- Dear Endometriosis, We’ve known each other for quite some time now. You were quite tricky to nail down, but it’s been a “pleasure” learning more about you. It feels like just yesterday that we were acquainted after my first surgery in … Continue reading

History Shows You Are Not Alone – Fibromyalgia

History Shows You Are Not Alone – Fibromyalgia

  I wrote this post last month and it first appeared on Blog.MyFibroTeam.com. It is shared on my site with permission. This was part of a 3-part blog series. I am very humbled that this post was shared over 600 times on Facebook.  —- Fibromyalgia. It’s a real condition and it’s really painful. That is a fact. Getting … Continue reading

Health and Happiness – Achieving Goals

Health and Happiness – Achieving Goals

Chronic illness is exactly that… chronic. Consistent. A vicious cycle. Every day. All day. Living with a chronic illness is not an excuse – it’s a reality. Many of us struggle to move beyond the every day aches, pains and flares out of fear that our body will trigger another vicious cycle of illness. A … Continue reading

Product Review – Faithful Workouts

  Get Fit Gods Way – Workout 1, by Mara A month ago, I was contacted by Michelle Spadafora of Faithful Workouts. God’s timing was incredible, as always. Read her guest post here. Michelle sent some DVDs for me to try and several to give away (see more below)! So here is where I stand with fitness. … Continue reading

When Depression Takes Hold

It has been a hot topic lately and, unsurprisingly, a common health issue for women. I’m talking about depression. A couple years ago, I found myself bursting into tears during the day for no particular reason. I would sit at my home office and just sob without understanding why. I stopped doing things that I … Continue reading

How to Overcome Trials

Until recent years, I thought the biggest trial of my life was going to begin and end with my motorcycle accident in 2005. Since it was such a long process to recover, I selfishly hoped that the Lord would never put me through something like that again. Wrong. Trials aren’t about who we are or … Continue reading

Success and Suicide

Guest Post by Haley Berg – she is an absolute delight! I met Haley 3 years ago when I was working for our former church. Haley and her husband were our small group leaders for about 2 years and it has been a joy growing in faith together. I have never met anyone with as … Continue reading

Healing Wounds of Depression

God has an incredible way of connecting people and prompting prayer. Have you ever had a name pop in your head randomly? How do you react to this unusual occurrence? I’ve had countless names enter my mind at an unexplainable time. It is when the Lord places a name on our hearts that we should … Continue reading