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Endo Sister Story – Tori

Endo Sister Story – Tori

Note from Mara: I’ve been asking my fellow Endo sisters to share their stories. The more we talk about the disease, the more we break myths and empower each other. Keep talking! Keep raising awareness! And keep fighting! This is Tori’s story… —- I’m Tori, 27 and married to an amazing and supportive husband. No … Continue reading


Raising Awareness for Endometriosis

This week is National Endometriosis Awareness Week. I have a strong desire to help other women that are undiagnosed or recently diagnosed find the right help and answers. Let’s start with some facts and stats first: 1 in 10 women have Endometriosis (also known as Endo) Endo cannot be OFFICIALLY diagnosed without surgery. A doctor … Continue reading