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How to Change Your Perspective

How to Change Your Perspective

I wrote this post which first appeared on MyFibroTeam.com and is reposted to WordsByMara.com with permission. Although this post was intended for the Fibromyalgia audience, my hope is that everyone will be able to relate. Here is my experience in changing perspectives from a realm of comfort, to that of positivity and joy! Everything starts with … Continue reading


Choose to Forgive

Well, my blog is up and running again. This post does not necessarily pertain to the theme this month… but it does apply to marriage. We all come with baggage – sometimes without even realizing it.  2 years into our marriage, it became clear that I was carrying around some unnecessary baggage. But from what? … Continue reading

Inescapable Change

“Please be careful tonight.” “Drive safe.” “Let me know when you get there.” These are all things that I have said to people that I love. I’ll watch my husband drive away for military training and pray for God to place His hand of protection over Jon during travel. Sometimes I’m afraid not to say … Continue reading

My Battle with Endometriosis

“You have endometriosis,” said the doctor as I opened my eyes in a fog of morphine and pain. “I got all the adhesions and you should be feeling better soon.” I knew from an early age that something was very different with my body. At the age of 17, I started taking a contraceptive pill for … Continue reading

The Old Has Gone, The New Is Here!

A daytime talk show recently featured a family looking for help with their “out-of-control” teenage daughter. This young girl was visibly disrespectful to her parents. She cursed, lied and demanded respect from them, even though she did not deserve it. Honestly, it reminded me of my horribly awkward teen years and the absolute hell my … Continue reading