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After the Interview – Steps Toward Employment

I’ve recently posted “Basic Interview Tips“; which seemed to get a good response from current job seekers. So… the interview is over.  What are you supposed to do besides wait? 1. Send a thank you card to the interviewer.  Be certain to get a business card before or after the interview.  This will guarantee correct … Continue reading

Basic Interview Tips

Well, I’ve finally mustered the courage to share tips for professional interviews. This is a small portion of what I’d like to include in my “career tips for college students” book; which is still in the works. As I mentioned in my article on iBelieve.com… I’ve gone through several phone and in-person interviews. I’ve interviewed … Continue reading

Just a Little More, Please!

“Give up! You’re not good enough,” says the voice of our enemy. Time and time again, I’ve heard the devil whisper discouragement that is false and unrealistic. Even while I am trying to write this blog post, the evil one is lurking. The enemy does not want us to use our God-given gifts to bring … Continue reading