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Refresh with a 3-Day Cleanse

Refresh with a 3-Day Cleanse

After the holidays, I needed to get my body back on track. Doing a short cleanse is like hitting the refresh button on your body. Our current society might tell you that “juice cleanses” are a hipster thing, but the truth is people have been doing cleanses for hundred of years. After researching some of the … Continue reading

Juice & Healthy Choices

I have been using my fancy new juicer for 2 weeks now.  This morning, I actually started to notice positive changes in my skin.  The appearance is bright and healthy. Since our skin is the last place to receive nutrients I can only imagine how it’s affected me on the inside.  Thank God! I’m finding … Continue reading

Benefits of Healthy Eating

I have not been the model for healthy living or eating in the past.  Through documentaries and reading, I have learned how important it can be to take care of our bodies.  God only granted us with one life and we should treat our bodies like a temple. I’ve been eating gluten-free for over a … Continue reading

Juicing – Week 2

It’s been a week and juicing is going GREAT.  I did take 1 day off this week though… not gonna lie – I was FAMISHED! Some of the recipes have been great, and others.. not so much.  My favorite juice so far was banana, kale, blackberries and blueberries. I’ve even included a little aloe juice … Continue reading

Juicing – Day 1

I ordered the NutriBullet and it arrived yesterday.  Today was my first day juicing.  I have a lot to learn, because the first “juice” was more like a smoothie. Note to self:  Add water to the fill line. Today I tried spring green, almonds, blueberries, chia seed and apple. Are you juicing?  Please share any … Continue reading