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Stop The Mom Guilt and Take Time For You

Stop The Mom Guilt and Take Time For You

  I must admit, as a brand new mom, it was incredibly difficult to find time for myself. And I am not the first mom in the world to suffer from the infamous and undeniable case of “mom guilt“. I always knew it was important to find time for myself, but all I wanted to … Continue reading


Being Mom

It happens at different times for us all. Somewhere between the first moment and maybe the first day or week. Somehow you realize that your whole world has changed – and you carried it inside your body for almost a year. You’re a mom. It was a word that I used regularly but a love … Continue reading

Tales From a First Time Mom

It’s a funny thing. Parenthood. The biggest responsibility of your life. A small human that shares half of your DNA is now living in the world. Your friends and family members with kids will tell you horror stories of blow-out diapers, baby puke on clothes, leaking breast milk at work and all the things you … Continue reading