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There is No Magic Secret to Weight Loss

There is No Magic Secret to Weight Loss

The sheer idea of losing weight can seem daunting and defeating. You’ve tried and tried again, but nothing seems to work. Or maybe just the idea of exercise makes you tired. Am I right? As a mom, a person with chronic pain, and a full-time employee… it can be very difficult to exercise or cook healthy. I … Continue reading


After the Interview – Steps Toward Employment

I’ve recently posted “Basic Interview Tips“; which seemed to get a good response from current job seekers. So… the interview is over.  What are you supposed to do besides wait? 1. Send a thank you card to the interviewer.  Be certain to get a business card before or after the interview.  This will guarantee correct … Continue reading

Guest Post – Life Through God’s Design

Guest Post by Jenny Lorton – Allow me to introduce a reader with an incredible story. Jenny is a survivor and an inspiration. I hope that her story will inspire you to press on and be hopeful in the promises of our Lord and Savior. God bless you, Jenny. Thank you for sharing! —- For … Continue reading