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Book Review – Shackled Lily by T.L. Gray

T.L. Gray contacted me in the summer about reviewing her 2nd book in the 3-part Winsor Series. If you missed my review on her first book “Shattered Rose”, please check it out here. One of the best features of a 3-part book series is that you get to learn more about these characters that you’ve … Continue reading


Book Review – Shattered Rose by T.L. Gray

Several weeks ago I received an email from T.L Gray, a newly published Christian author.  She asked if I would be interested in reviewing her book.  And so I gladly began reading the 400 page novel. “Shattered Rose” was written from the perspective of an engineering college student, Avery Nichols.  The entire book highlights her very dramatic … Continue reading

The Bible – What Do I Know?

What is it about Easter Sunday that leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? My heart sings praises to God for the sacrifice of His Son. It is the peace and promise in Jesus that makes me feel new. Over the weekend, Jon and I watched The Bible series seen on the History Channel. We also watched … Continue reading