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Glazed Shrimp and Fennel Recipe

Glazed Shrimp and Fennel Recipe

There is something so rewarding about growing your own food and then putting it on your table for dinner. Many of us are breaking away from that supermarket trap and growing our own food. Have you ever tried a food share or co-op program with one of your local farms? If not, I highly suggest doing … Continue reading

Juice & Healthy Choices

I have been using my fancy new juicer for 2 weeks now.  This morning, I actually started to notice positive changes in my skin.  The appearance is bright and healthy. Since our skin is the last place to receive nutrients I can only imagine how it’s affected me on the inside.  Thank God! I’m finding … Continue reading

Juicing – Week 2

It’s been a week and juicing is going GREAT.  I did take 1 day off this week though… not gonna lie – I was FAMISHED! Some of the recipes have been great, and others.. not so much.  My favorite juice so far was banana, kale, blackberries and blueberries. I’ve even included a little aloe juice … Continue reading