Outside the Box Service

First guest post by my husband, Jonathan.  He wanted to share a customer service experience with our friends business.  You can look forward to more posts in the future from Jonathan on Words By Mara. 

On March 29, Mara and I had our five year “Being Together Anniversary.” We celebrated that one because I’ll be at training for the Army National Guard for our Wedding Anniversary. God Bless all those that have been or are going to be separated by more time as a result of a deployment or immigration limitations. We are grateful we don’t have to go through that right now.

Mara,being the very awesome wife that she is great at overlooking my short term memory limitations (among other things) so she put both dates in our synced calendars to kindly remind me. Thank you!

I decided I’d get Mara a necklace for this occasion. Everyone that knows Mara…knows she loves scarves and necklaces and such things. I do not, but hey, it’s not my style to accessorize.

One of our good friends, Miranda Loomis, is a Lia Sophia Representative and happened to post something about a sale they were doing. With my man card still intact I managed to find a beautiful necklace for my wife in the Lia Sophia site and contacted our friend.

Unfortunately,this item was on back order, so Mara would have to wait a little bit to get the real thing. Fortunately, Miranda and her husband, Cory, are some great outside the box kind of people so I knew we’d figure something out. Originally, I was going to get a Lia Sophia box and draw a necklace on a piece of paper and put it inside. Miranda offered another solution.

I arranged to meet Cory at their house and to my surprise, he had already cut a picture of the necklace out of a catalog and it was inside the box! (I think it was him that cut it out) They work well together as a team. Also, there’s nothing wrong with some art and craft time. This wasn’t the real thing but I knew Mara would appreciate this. She did, as she found it on our way to Prairie Du Sac for a day trip recently. Great time by the way!

In closing…it really is the thought! Sometimes customer service isn’t about the limitations that you have but the creative solutions you can think of when mastering the gray area of making it work and showing you care to your customers. Even if the customers happen to be your friends!

It also helps having great people in your life that support, encourage and keep you in their prayers as you and your significant other take each step in your relationship journey together.

So, thank you Miranda and Cory for helping make that happen and my wife who I am learning to love and appreciate more and more each day we are together. Truly, so many Blessings.

I’m not getting anything for this, just thought I’d share. Great and simple ideas for guys looking to get something for their ladies. Mara thinks the quality is better too in comparison to other brands.

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You can see the necklace for yourself at Lia Sophia’s website.


Here is a photo of Jonathan and I on the motorcycle.  Read my previous post and story about “Defeating Guilt and Fear“.



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