More Pregnancy Notes and Post Delivery

Words By Mara

So… as you know, I have spent the last year of my life growing a human and then learning to be a parent. I will have many more posts on this as time goes on.

Several of my childless married friends have asked intriguing and important questions along the way. So I hope you all find this helpful. In case you missed it – check out my Stages of Pregnancy post as well.

To get things started… here are a few things that I learned during pregnancy and post-delivery that I felt was worth sharing with others for a laugh or education.

Random Pregnancy Lessons

  1. Cravings: Every woman is different. If your body craves it, then eat it or drink it. Of course we should indulge in moderation though. Something I craved during the second trimester was red meat. This is extremely odd for me – as I’ve lived most of my life hating meat. Turns out that my iron levels were very low. So if you crave it, listen to your body and eat it.
  2. Shape: You will hear a LOT of comments about the appearance of your baby bump. Everyone has an opinion and unfortunately everyone has a different idea of what a pregnant woman looks like. God creates us all to be different shapes and sizes – so your bump and body won’t look the same as someone else. And that’s okay.
  3. Emotions: It’s true what they say… a pregnant woman can go through a roller coaster of emotions in one single day or even a single hour. Take them as they come and remember that you’re not crazy and it doesn’t last forever.
  4. Preparation: Getting ready for your first baby can be stressful. Most of us need to start from square one and build a nursery out of nothing. You may feel pressure to get everything done in a certain time period. Don’t worry – baby won’t know if your house is clean, if the swing is setup or if the grass is mowed. It will get done eventually.

Post Delivery Things That No One Tells You About

There are things that happen within the first few hours after delivery. I’ve been told (AFTER going through it) that this could happen to moms that deliver naturally or by c-section.

  1. Hot shivers: This was a phenomenon that shocked me. Apparently, after delivery your hormones are at the peak. Your body feels like it’s on fire, but you’re shivering as if you’re in cold temperatures. Perhaps shiver isn’t even the best way to describe this – it’s more like involuntary shaking. I asked the nurse why it was happening… yep, it’s normal. Mine lasted for 2 hours, some women only experience this for 20 minutes. Word of advice though – bring a personal fan if you you’re able to.
  2. Fat face: If you’re lucky (not)… you may experience temporary facial swelling. Again, this is simply from hormones. My face was already starting to get puffy (along with my hands, legs and feet) from the preeclampsia. I was a little surprised when I looked back at pictures – my nose looked huge! Honestly, it happens to a lot of us… and it doesn’t last more than a few weeks.
  3. Pure Love: In all seriousness… you just carried that baby around INSIDE OF your body for many, many seemingly endless weeks. Ultrasounds will not ever do your baby justice… he or she will be the MOST beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. As a first time parent, you experience a kind of love you’ve never known. So despite how awful pregnancy might be for some of us or how long it took for your baby to arrive… all of that will melt away when you get to meet, kiss, hold and stare longingly at the miracle God created.

Coming Soon: Things you never knew until you became a parent. Haha!

Copyright 2014 Words By Mara. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “More Pregnancy Notes and Post Delivery

  1. Mara, as usual, this post is wonderful, and hysterical in places!! I have to tell you, it DOES get better!! (As we FaceTimed with one son this morning, and also got an email letter from our other son, who is a missionary in Africa) Sons can be occasional trouble as they’re growing, but if you raise them with the Lord, and I know you will, the blessings are endless!! What you invest in them will come back to you a thousandfold!! God bless you and your family, Mara 😉


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