Tales From a First Time Mom

Tales from Parenthood

It’s a funny thing. Parenthood. The biggest responsibility of your life. A small human that shares half of your DNA is now living in the world.

Your friends and family members with kids will tell you horror stories of blow-out diapers, baby puke on clothes, leaking breast milk at work and all the things you hope won’t happen to you… until they do!

Nothing. Absolutely nothing will prepare you for it.

Life isn’t the same – and that is why I love being a parent. There is nothing I love more than being Micah’s mom and watching him grow. I’ve never known a love like this!

Despite how much I love being a mom – there are some things that you simply do not know until you have a kid. Please feel free to add a comment below on something you learned after becoming a parent. This is meant to be light and funny. Enjoy!

Things You Didn’t Know Until You Became a Parent:

  • Baby poop might possibly be the worst smell on the planet. Word of advice – do not let that stuff stay inside of your house. Ever.
  • It is simply amazing how much you can get done during your kids 30 minute nap. Come over during my son’s nap and watch me breeze through 2 loads of laundry, a pile of dishes, prep lunch for the next day and clean the bathroom. Bam! I wear a cape.
  • Cartoons are hilarious… why did you wait until you had kids to watch them?
  • Though you love your pets, they are not nearly as significant now that baby rules the house. They often become an after thought. But now that Micah is older, it’s adorable to watch him interact with our dog.
  • Did you know there is a number system for baby food? Good grief. Why don’t they put stuff like that in the universal parent handbook? Oh wait…
  • Snaps are awful. Whoever invented pajamas with snaps has clearly never had to change a squirmy infant in the early morning hours.
  • Babies might be small but their pile of laundry is not! I am very thankful for my decision not to do cloth diapers as a first time parent. Kudos to anyone that does have time for it – holy laundry!
  • Sleep is a delicacy. It’s like a fine wine or expensive chocolate… you enjoy it immensely when you have it, yet it’s extremely rare to have in your house. Somehow we learn to function on 4 hours of sleep. God bless anyone with multiples – I have no idea how you do it.
  • Car seats must be a torture device. I never realized how much babies hate to be “restrained” – aka: gently buckled into a seat with a cozy headrest and blanket. Torture. Obviously.

But on a more serious note – there are things that I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. Like the way my son smiles at me when he wakes up, the way he laughs when I tickle his tummy, the snuggles, hugs and pure joy that is all wrapped up into parenthood. It truly is a blessing.

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2 thoughts on “Tales From a First Time Mom

  1. I never thought I could handle being a parent! And now I have 5 and still wonder how I do it every day! Even though you relax more while raising more children there is always something new to learn! And although I thought I couldn’t love anyone more then my first born, I find that the love I have has so many different versions! Each boy brings out something I didn’t know I had. Of course, some days are harder then others but I wouldn’t change my life.


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