Tips for Having the Best Doctor’s Visit – From a Real M.D.


Guest Post by, Dr. Rami Kaldas – I am humbled to present this post from my own doctor and Endo Specialist. He is the first doctor that I ever truly trusted. Rami performed 4 of my 6 surgeries – including the delivery of our son via c-section. His clinic is remarkable and extremely thorough when it comes to the treatment of reproductive diseases (like Endometriosis) and fertility. 

Have you ever felt unprepared for a doctor visit? Today Dr. Kaldas shares his perspective as a caring doctor and how you might want to prepare for that appointment. Please read and share!


Many patients have walked through the doors of the Kaldas Center!  Please learn from me about the doctor’s perspective, when they’re preparing to meet with you, and read our four tips on how you can prepare for visiting with your doctor.

When I learn that I am seeing a patient who is suffering or having challenges,  I am proactive in learning as much as I can about the issues the patient has been dealing with from whatever medical records are available.  

I wish to know of, and see, these medical records, but know that there is more to the situation, otherwise the patient would not be seeking out the Kaldas Center and its specialized approach. We want to know exactly how you feel. We treat our patients individually and no two diagnoses and treatment plans are the same.

The picture of the situation cannot be complete without listening with our ears, eyes, and hearts to the sufferer. We try to see the patient and the situation in perspective of how  this debilitating disease is disrupting her quality of life.  

The whole picture is so important: physical, emotional, and psychological. When you meet with us, we want to know everything pertaining to your condition. You can’t overshare with your doctor!

With this, we approach each patient’s health concern with what I call the “PR” treatment plan.

The plan is PRoactive, PRedictive, PRoficient, and it is our PRiority!  

We put the whole picture together, with as few surprises as possible for the patient along the way, addressed with a personalized plan, for optimal quality of life and goal achieving results.  Anything else just won’t do.

4 Tips for Visiting the Doctor


If you can, fill out any necessary paperwork before your appointment. That way, you’re not scrambling to get them done in the waiting room. Sometimes forms ask specific questions. For example, a form may ask for your family’s health history. Give yourself time to ask the right people and fill out your forms properly! Make sure you bring along a list of any medications you’re currently taking.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

If you can, give yourself plenty of time for your appointment. We know this isn’t always possible with jobs and other commitments. However, the more wiggle room you give yourself, the better! Patients who are running late are always frazzled! If you’re going to be late, be sure to call ahead and check to see if the doctor can still see you! Our days are usually pretty packed so if you’re 20 minutes late, that can really affect the schedule.

Ask Questions

Ask lots of questions! The more you ask and interact, the better we can help you. Do you have questions on your diagnosis or treatment? Are you coming in for something and have questions about something different? Ask! Your doctor’s appointment is your time. We’re here to help you.

Be Prepared to Share

A doctor’s appointment is time to receive AND give information! Be prepared to share as much as you can pertaining to your health concerns. If you know you’ll have trouble, try to bring along a supportive family member or friend. You can always write down notes and bring them with you to share. Whatever it takes to share information!


Dr-Rami-KaldasDr. Rami Kaldas is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and obstetrician, and has cared for women in Wisconsin since 1996. He started The Kaldas Center in 2013 to provide women in the Fox Valley with top-rated healthcare. Please visit his website to learn more.

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