Benefits of Healthy Eating


I have not been the model for healthy living or eating in the past.  Through documentaries and reading, I have learned how important it can be to take care of our bodies.  God only granted us with one life and we should treat our bodies like a temple.

I’ve been eating gluten-free for over a year now, as I suffer from a wheat or gluten intolerance.  The benefits of eating gluten-free are great for my mind and body.

The book “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis explains how wheat products have morphed into a food-like product with less nutritional value than it had 100 years ago.  My favorite quote from the book is that there are more grams of sugar in a piece of wheat toast than in a Snickers candy bar.  Kind of makes you think twice about eating wheat bread, right?

As the food industry reinvent new food-like products, it is often introduced to consumers with the idea of healthy eating but false advertising.  Marketing labels on “low fat” or “no fat” products actually increases the sugar content – basically in order to remove fat it needs to be replaced with sugar.  As you consume more sugar, your body cannot metabolize it all and turns it into fat… which results in the dreaded “wheat belly” or bloating.

When I grocery shop, I have a tendency to stay on the perimeter of the store and avoid a majority of the center aisles.  These are aisles in which you will find crackers, cookies, pasta, canned foods and more.  Staying away from these aisles will help you avoid foods that are saturated in high fructose corn syrup, silicon dioxide and other preservatives.

Most of the food found in the grocery store aisles did not exist 100 years ago; which means that someone had to invent them.  Do you want your food to be invented or grown naturally?

As a consumer and lover of food, I find it extremely important to educate myself on what’s in our food.  Through this education I’ve learned more about eating organic and plant-based diets.  I’ve been juicing and find that it helps me to make healthier choices in general.  To be honest, I am feeling great and very thankful for this new insight.

If you would like more information about preservatives in food, please visit Hungry For Change or Sustainable Table.

God’s blessings on your day.

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